These Smart Glasses Track Where Exactly You Are Looking At

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Eye tracking technology has gained moment in the past few years. Computers can track the eye movement of user for tasks such as not switching off the screen if user is reading on eBook or tablet. This technology has been implemented for playing games such as shooting a target by gazing or controlling a tablet or simply capturing the moment without the hassle of taking out your camera.


Tobii Technology is known to be the leader and pioneer in eye tracking with very few competitors in the market. They have already launched the Tobii’s EyeX in the market while Tobii Glasses 2 with new upgrades has just been released. Tobii Glasses 2 is the high tech smart glasses which will track anything you look at. These glasses are extremely light weight; about 1.6 ounces. Featuring two cameras, which precisely track your eye movement even if the glasses are not placed properly. This seemed to be a problem with Google Glasses where a user foolishly had to position his head in a specific way.


Tobii Glasses 2 is targeted for research labs. The data from the user is wirelessly transmitted in real time to a researcher. They use this data to solve problems. For example, which brain areas respond while a user is looking at a specific TV program or reading a book? The live footage can also be stored in an SD card for later reviewing. The analysis software can be used with extra payment of about $14,000 to $30,000.

Tobii will soon release the SDK for developers in October this year for them to come up with exciting new applications.

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