These Smart Highways Glow In The Dark In Netherlands

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Daan Roosegarde is a Dutch artist who has spent the last few years working on projects that benefit the environment. His latest endeavors include making diamonds out of carbon dioxide, planting trees that glow in the dark along streets and roads to cut down on power from street lights and painting a highway with glow in the dark paint. He just got done with the latter.

The Netherlands has just opened up a highway called Highway N329 in the city of Oss. Its a “smart” highway in terms of how it works. It is painted with a special glow in the dark paint that lights it up in the dark, cancelling out the need for street lights. This cuts on power costs and also makes it safe for drivers out in the middle of nowhere to manoeuvre in the dark.


Daan Roosegarde has collaborated with the Dutch civil engineering firm Heijmans to achieve this and according to the specifications, this highway looks to be the future of all road travel. It has the ability to change as its environment changes. The glow in the dark is one thing but this highway responds to temperature. The highway has been laden with temperature sensitive paint for the winter cold.

Smart Highway-electric priority lane-Studio Roosegaarde

When the temperature drops below a certain point, the paint appears to glow and snow flakes appear on the road, signalling drivers to drive carefully in the event that the roads have iced up.

Smart Highway-dynamic paint-Studio Roosegaarde

This marvel of engineering is surely the future if the world has any sense, this reduces the cost of building and saves a ton of power and does a whole lot more for safety than any street light can.

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