These Smart Sun Glasses Come With Smart Tracking System

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In today’s fast pacing world, forgetting about your belongings have become more frequent. Homo-sapiens have become a slave to modern technology. Well, it is good revenue for technical companies as every other day they come up with a new product for people with mild amnesia.

Tzukuri, an Australian company, has tagline: “Beautiful Wearable Technology”. It is very true to its name as the company has merged style with technology by bringing wearable glasses with embedded iBeacon Bluetooth low energy chips.

Imagine yourself sitting in a park, reading morning newspaper and breathing in the fresh air. After a while, you lightened up a little, stood up and went to do your daily choirs. Half day in and you realize you left your sun glasses on the bench. You have to endure the effort of ordering a new pair of glasses that will cost extra money you did not intend to spend in the first place.


Tzukuri’s product will save you just from this misfortune. The wearable glasses will have Bluetooth technology that is synced with an iPhone application. The moment you move about 10, 20 feet away from the glasses, it starts sending push notifications on the smart phone. The glasses are smart enough to know if they are at home or outside. When inside home, it does not alert you for forgetting them.


The product works other way round too e.g. you have wore your glasses but forgot the iPhone. The phone senses the glasses moving away and immediately sounds an alarm to alert you. It saves you from more expensive damage.

The company analyzed thousands of faces in 3D and came up with six designs in three sizes. The glasses have been hand made in Japan bringing the best quality anti-scratch lenses and 100% UV protection. This product will soon be available for taking pre-orders.

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