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Networking on social events is fruitless unless you share your business card with people. In most scenarios, the card is left crumpled and forgotten in a coat pocket. The chances of immediate reconnection are very slim unless the other person is really impressed with your personality, business idea or your intelligence. But today, we are going to reveal something big. Here is your way to impress big fish in your field.

smart usb business card

swivelCard are paper USB business cards providing full analytic and remote access. This means you can reach your customers through a paper card at any time. The USB stick is printed on the paper card using metallic ink to make the contact strips. It is cut-out in the card such that when the card is folded up, it becomes a proper USB stick ready to be inserted in the USB port.

business card folds up into a USB stick

When you give out swivelCards to the customers, you are doing more than sharing your contact information. You can track your business card using smart analytic feature embedded in the card. This way you can tell where is your card in the world. You can also configure a separate website with each of your card and update information even after the card was given out. It’s like a personalized notification system for your business.

usb enabled smart business card

Imagine you are a photographer who takes a beautiful picture of a couple in a wedding and you give them your swivelCard. Once back from the event, you upload their picture on a website, add your information and a thank-you note. You then configure this web page with the card you gave to the couple. They are really happy to see their picture and impressed with your smart communication skills. They hire you as photographer on their wedding.

wedding photographers use usb smart card

The possibilities are countless e.g. as a real estate agent you can make sure that your customers get the best price on the best houses available in the market at any time or as an aspiring new musician you can link your card with the website providing digital downloads of your songs.

real estate agents use smart usb cards

swivelCard offers diverse networking opportunities and smart business communication. So what are you waiting for? Stand out in the crowd using new standard for premium business cards. Head out to kickstarter and support the campaign.

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