This 3D Printer Will Build Your Home In One Day

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Scientists from The University of Southern California have come closer to the development of a 3-D printer; capable of constructing complete house in a single go and that too within 24 hours. Unlike the Hobbyist 3-D printers, which transforms the plastic and polymers into tangible products, this giant printer will use concrete to build structures. It is the very same technology but on a bigger scale, which will use 3-D computer command to execute construction.

Contour Crafting 3-D printing

The special process, termed as “Contour Crafting” begins with leveling of area where the 3-D house is to be built, followed by digging of trenches around the perimeter and filled with concrete. A system of rail and crane is used to erect the sides of foundation, as the concrete gets poured off layer by layer to bring shape.

“Using this process, a single house or a colony of houses, each with possibly a different design, may be automatically constructed in a single run,” the Contour Crafting website reads. The designs take into account additions that would need to be added after the fact, like plumbing, electrical lining and windows, which can then be easily outfitted once the rest of the structure is solid and standing.

Process of Contour Crafting


3D Concrete House

The lead professor says that his invention could help relocate people who have been uprooted from their hometowns due to war, economic turmoil and natural disasters, and could offer “affordable and dignified housing” for the impoverished.

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