This Air Powered Gun Fires Salt To Kill Mosquitoes

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Mosquitoes are a real problem in summer season and the most famous bug-killing chemicals does not seem to affect the buzzing insects even a little bit. Even when you fully cover yourself, they will find a way to irritate you.

There have been innovative ways to deal with these flying insects such as use of citronella-infused ink on newspapers to repel mosquitoes. But the Bug-A-Salt rifle is more fun way to kill mosquitoes. Now you can also give a mischievous smile to bugs once they come in for their daily hunt.

kill a bug with the salt

Bugasalt killing mosquitoes with salt

Bug-A-Salt shoots salt at a very high velocity which can squash flies, moths or mosquitoes instantly. After you smear them down, they can be cleared away with a brush. The gun tank is to be filled with common table salt for app. 50 shots providing an accuracy range of 3 feet.  This air-powered gun definitely provides two in one advantage: a summer sport and of course lots of fun.

bug a salt rifle for shooting salt at bugs

spray pattern of bug a salt gun


This product is excellent for bugs on windows, ceilings and corners. The use of common salt makes it non-toxic for humans. The rifle does not require any batteries to recharge either.

Bug-A-Salt is designed by a California based company Skull. This product is very popular in USA having bought by 100,000 Americans which costs $39.95 a piece. It is soon to be released in UK.

You can buy this gun from here and don’t forget to check out the video below.

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