This Airplane Completed Its Age. How They Turned It Into A Luxury Hotel Is Beautifully Artistic

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Pan Am was not just another cancelled American television series. Pan Am was also short for Pan American World Airways which was the largest international air carrier in USA from 1927 to 1991. When it ceased operations on Dec 4, 1991, Boeing 747 models were Pan Am’s final flown planes. This Boeing model offered 10-window upper deck for premium passengers.

Pan Am might not exist today, but Boeing 747 found its fate as a Jumbo Stay Hostel in Stockholm, Sweden. This cozy hotel features a redesigned interior with 27 rooms which can hold up to 76 people altogether besides the airplane’s cockpit.

If you are up for unique and adventurous holidays, then this hotel is worth checking out. Till then, view it in the pictures below:

Liv Boeing 747 turned to a hotel

The Boeing 747 named “Liv” was turned into a hotel in 2008.

jumbo stay hotel airplane

You enter the Jumbo Stay Hostel from the side and you can walk along the wings.

cockpit best room in airplane hotel

Cockpit suite features a gorgeous panoramic view.

airplane hotel rooms

The rooms vary in size, with some rooms able to house up to four people.

remodeled bathrooms in airplane hotel

The bathrooms have been remodeled and aren’t as utilitarian as on typical flights.

rooms inside airplane hotel cabin

Here’s a view of how the hotel managed to pack the hotel rooms inside the 747’s cabin.

rooms hallway in airplane hotel

A look of cramped hallways leading to rooms.

bar seating area in airplane hotel

Plane seats removed for bar and seating area.

flight attendent staff in airplane hotel

The iconic style of the airplane extends even to the staff, who dress as flight attendants.

airplane hotel bunkbeds

There’s even bunkbeds!

first class seating lounge in airplane hotel

Seating lounge lets you relax in first-class seats.

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