This App Can Solve Your Math Homework Using Mobile Camera

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Everyone is not a math genius nor is everyone adept at teaching mathematics. The partial reason for math hatred is not getting the right guidance for the subject or not able to convey the concept properly. However, with the latest tech at hand, it has become way easier for parents, teachers and students to teach or learn the subject.

Photo Math Do Your Math Homework

PhotoMath is the new application which can solve mathematical expressions with your smartphone camera. It uses somewhat similar tech as camera based translation or image search applications but much more advanced. The camera can read the expressions off the textbook using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, calculate the problem and instantly displays the answer. You can also view step wise calculations afterwards. Now, with this app, you just need to point, solve and never do math again.

This App Can Solve Your Math Homework Using Mobile Camera

One thing is for sure, students would not be needing a calculator or a graphical calculator any more. This free app will make other pricy mathematics application a run for their money. The application may sound as cheating but in fact this app is beneficial for students with no access to tutor or those who struggle solving problems on their own.

Solve Mathematical Expressions With Your Mobile Camera In Real Time

PhotoMath has its limitations such as it can only read printed text as compared to handwritten notes. It may not be able to recognize a same letter written differently like one time it kept indicating X as multiplication sign. The red frame that is focused on an expression has not enough space to capture longer mathematical equations. We are sure these minor glitches will be removed in future updates.

The application serves as a helpful teaching tool for arithmetic expressions, fractions and decimals, powers, roots and simple linear equations. According the developers, much more will be coming soon to the application.

PhotoMath Solving Steps


The London-based company, Microblink behind PhotoMath, also has plans to use the same technology to build applications for online banking in the future.

The PhotoMath app is freely available on iOS and Windows phone. However, the app will be available next year on Android, till then the demo video provides a pretty good view what the future holds for mathematics.

What are your thoughts about the PhotoMath app? Do you think it is a useful resource for learning or will it make students lazier? Let us know in the comments below!

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