This App Lets You Control Google Glass By Just Thinking About it

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Can you take and share a picture with the lightening speed? It will be an exaggeration if we answer it in positive. However, you can still perform the task at the speed of thought which is not faster than light. It is still quick enough judging by the standards of human perception of time.

An interactive studio, This Place, from London has launched an app which works in conjunction with the Google Glass using  the power of mind. Google Glass has not exactly been the gadget of the year with its voice controlled commands, sliding finger gestures and rather awkward viewing angle. However, this new app with a head-mounted hardware add-on can bring a little innovation to the product.

Google glass mind reader app

Mind RDR is an application that links with the Google Glass through the head mounted hardware and Neurosky EEG sensors to read the human thought and act accordingly. This means the picture click and the social media share is just one focused thought away.

The technology makes use of brain waves which correlates with the human ability to focus. These specific waves are measured and converted into a meter reading by the app. The meter value is superimposed on the camera view in the Google Glass. The more you focus, the higher will be the meter value and the more chance to let Google Glass capture the moment.

The users can judge their level of focus through a horizontal line displayed in the middle of the screen. This line moves with the level of concentration a user is providing and carry out actions with the position of line. A high concentration level moves the line to the top which means to capture the photograph or share on social media while low concentration level can move the line down as an indicator to delete a picture.

control google glass with the power of mind

As far as the hardware is concerned, the set-up does feel comical and alien like with the bio-sensors touching your forehead. MindRDR is a developing technology with much improvement required as a tech blogger from Tech Crunch witnessed This Place’s account manager cooling the Glass under an air conditioner.

The total cost for the technology is 1071 UK pounds with 71 pounds for the bio-sensors and 1000 pounds for the Google Glass while the app is free. The software is an open source code publicly accessible on GitHub.

This Place is looking to extend the current capabilities for the people suffering from locked-in syndrome and severe multiple sclerosis.

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