This Aquarium Is Fully Developed Using Lego Blocks

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Super Mario Bros. and Legends of Zelda are probably the two most popular games from Nintendo. If you are a fan of playing these games, then you can well understand how exciting it will be to make items inspired from the game. Like this Super Mario inspired aquarium, we are going to reveal today.

super mario inspired aquarium

Kelsey Kronmiller – a Nintendo fan and a graphic designer built this Super Mario Bros. themed aquarium from Lego pieces in about 336 hours. She chose the game environment from Super Mario: World 8-1 level and started hand painting the bricks to resemble the ground. She constructed large and small castles with a combination of 2×4-cm and 2×1-cm brown and red Lego bricks. She added the tiny black strips at the castle using vinyl strips.

super mario castle

According to Kelsey, Lego bricks were the most expensive part of her project. She bought 8 large and 4 small cups of Lego pieces. Each large cup was priced at $15 and small cup at $8.

The designer met dead end in terms of finding the right colored paper for the back drop. This is where she chose World 1-1 level instead. She purchased the backdrop paper from Amazon for a price of $20.

supermario based background for fish tank

Kelsey used her graphic designing skills and die cutting software to create the background hills, clouds and bush. The background components were then attached on the backdrop paper with light coating of spray adhesive.

Supermario clouds for the fish tank supermario based flag fro fish tank supermario vinyl pipes for aquarium

She created the rest of the game scene using spray painted PVC pipes and vinyl flag. All 100 clouds at the top of the fish tank were made by hand using vinyl cutter with black outline cut out separately to provide depth to the clouds.

supermario scoreboard and clouds for aquarium

The aquarium is coated with Krylon Fusion – a clear enamel to protect the fish. When the aquarium is fully ready, she plans to put Electric Blue Jacks Dempsey, a Dinosaur Eel, a freshwater Butterfly Fish and possibly even Rainbow Fish or Danios in the tank.

We hope her next project theme is based on The Legend of Zelda. Fingers crossed! What do you think? Share  in the comment section below.

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