This Bike Lock Connects To Your Smartphone For Extra Security

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Modern era is all about smart technology. Virtually everything in your life is smart embedded with artificial intelligence; whether it’s a car, phone, or even a washing machine. Smart comes with the benefit of security. The things once you had to care about for the fear of losing it now can be monitored form almost anywhere.


Skylock is one such technology for bicycles. The use of D-shaped lock is the old method and soon to be replaced with smart locks similar to being used in other vehicles. Skylock is the future of bike security empowered with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology.

The design is similar to the old bike locks but with the solar panels wrapped around it. These solar panels act as batteries for the lock. The lock is synced with a phone app giving the user to lock or unlock the bike remotely. The user can just snap the lock without the need of key. It gets locked automatically. The lock does have a capacitive touch buttons to put in your combination for unlocking.


This smart lock has a motion detector. If someone is messing with your bike the lock sends out a text message to alert you. This lock has also got a mechanism for ensuring your safety. If you ever get into an accident it can alert your friends, family and even a higher authority.

The smart application allows you to share the bike information such as location to anyone in your trusted network. You have got the full control of the sharing settings. This can be useful in the case when you get lost somewhere and needs guidance.


The bike locks do require the access of a wireless hotspot. This product will be most useful in areas with wireless access otherwise it cannot be used to its full potential.

These bike lock will be available early next year. You can start to pre-order them from Skylock.

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