This Brilliant Green House Design Is Out Of The World

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Greenery is not only soothing for one’s eyes but also clears pollutants from the air. According to one study, trees reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere to as much as one-fifth. We have made our surroundings so commercial that the natural beauty is at the brink of becoming non-existence. Even in this situation a local firm in Vietnam is trying to make the inner-city a better place to live.

house for trees sky

house for trees side view with lights

The firm’s idea was to construct a private oasis within the hustle bustle of metropolis as Tan Binh district is one of the most populated residential areas in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They named their project as “House for Trees” which was recently completed. The total money spend on the house is about US$156,000.

house of trees in broad daylight

house of trees at night


The house comprises of five rectangular boxes standing tall with open courtyards in between. The courtyards are shaded from trees which are planted on roof-top of the box. Each box is placed to face each other with glass doors and windows to improve the ventilation process. Common spaces, dining room and library are placed on ground floor while accommodation is kept on top floor. These tall boxes are connected through bridge-cum-eaves made of steel.

house of trees lawn

house for trees side view

The materials used for the house are all local with walls made from bamboo to reduce the cost and carbon footprint.

Check out the amazing pictures and the firm’s website ( Will you like to have a house of trees built for you? Share with us in the comment section below.

house of trees at night side view

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