This Case Keeps Your Laptop And Tablet Ready On The Go

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Imagine you are waiting in a long line for bill payments at some office. Time waste, is it? It is for you, if you are a workaholic. So you decide to make use of time and finally study that urgent report on your tablet or laptop while waiting. But what a hassle it will be? You need to take care of the bag and then balancing the device will be another huge task.

flipcase laptop case

flipcase laptop bag

The only way to get something done will be to get out of the line, find a place to sit down and do your work. You will only miss your bill payments which you don’t want. But if you use Flipcase, you can perform two tasks comfortably without leaving your place in the line.

flipcase laptop tablet case

flipcase tablet in portrait mode

Flipcase International has designed new kinds of laptop and tablet cases making on the go use of devices easy. They look like a regular shoulder bag but can be flipped out to balance your laptop or tablet while you are standing. It’s like taking your work station with you.

flipcase an alternate use

The case consists of a stand with hooks attached which can be strapped on your body. The laptop is secured with four corner straps and gives you full access to ports and drives.  If you need to go from landscape mode to portrait mode in your tablet then the case can easily rotate to 360 degrees.

The Flipcase has pockets to place your pen, cell phone, documents and accessories safely. The Flipcase is available for $79.99 in three sizes at Flipcase International.

Do you want to try these cases? Watch the demo video below and share your comments.

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