This Device Instantly Shows Number Of Calories In Each Food

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Matt Webster thought he had the perfect gift for his wife’s birthday; an activity monitor. His wife, however, was not impressed and turned down the gift on account of not being able to automatically count the number of calories. This inspired matt to develop such an activity monitor. Now that inspiration has led to a proposed device which seemed impossible a couple of years back.

automatic calorie counter

Matt and his team at GE Labs have developed a device that can count calories in food based on its weight, content and the amount of water. You do not need to put in any information about the type and amount of food. It calculates everything automatically. The team went through the food library of U.S Department of Agriculture which holds nutritional information of about 65,000 foods. They wanted to make the device count calories based on as few data points as possible. The data points can then be measured with sensors and calories can be calculated in food.

Matt started out with a menu of fat-free food and calculated the average calorie density using an equation which includes only fat, water content and assumes the values for the rest of quantities such as sugar, carbohydrates, protein etc. Based on the fact that it assumes the values, it can still calculate the amount of calories pretty accurately.

automatic calorie counter for food

They are developing advanced electronics and sensors to gather the data for the fat and water signatures in the variety of food.

You may see an integration of the device with the smart phone application or even a workout wrist band in future.

See the automatic calorie counter in action and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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