This Device Warns Cyclists On Approaching Cars

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In most accidents, cyclists are often blamed for driving recklessly even though it might have been the other way around. Drivers usually blame that the cyclists are not careful enough to ride on one side of the road. Cyclists, on the other hand, comment on the bad driving habits of the approaching driver. It is always a blame game between both sides with cyclists on the receiving end of the anger. Even the rear mirrors do not provide much help to the riders since mirrors can warn them about the approaching vehicle with the few seconds margin.

backtracker for cyclists

Backtracker has actually solved this issue. It is a new gadget which was announced by iKubu. Its a radar device start-up based in South Africa. This device uses radar signals to forewarn the riders about any speedy vehicle approaching.

Backtracker is a two module device with one mounted on the seatpost and the other on the handle bar. The seatpost module consists of a 24-GHz radar antenna, an ARM processor and a 40-lumen tail light.

backtracker forewarn about the vehicle

When a vehicle approaches near to about 140 meters, this module communicates with the front end unit via Bluetooth. An LED display at the handle bar indicates the closeness of the vehicle. The more the vehicle is close to the rider, the more the row of lights will shine. In addition, the tail light will blink rapidly to get the attention of the motor vehicle driver.

backtracker rear end module

Backtracker works on the simple principle of radar.  The radar antenna transmits its signal; the signal strikes an object, and transmits back the reflected signal which is detected by the radar. The radar then estimates the distance of the vehicle and warns the cyclist about proximity of the vehicle.

The device called the “sixth sense of the riders” has come as a relief to the cyclists. However, it has yet to be released in the market and they need your support for raising the production funds. You can back the project here. You will get the system when it’s ready to go if you pledge for $199.

Meanwhile, check out Backtracker in action below.

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