This Electric Beast Can Drive Anything On Snow

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Living in snow is not easy. You have to suffer the harsh weather, and transportation issues are just the tip of all problems. In a current technologically advanced society, we can come up with solutions and realize them from our imagination.

Yvon Marte, a developer at Québécois inventor, has come up with an extra-ordinary technology. Its name sounds weird but works fantastic. It is MTT-136; My Track Technology, which is a combination of a tread with an electric motor running on batteries and a sled. Imagine a traditional sled but dogs being replaced by the motor.

Car pusher sled

This machine has many functions. You can travel on both snow covered and dry areas to about 40 – 210 Km, remove snow, carry wooden logs and many more. It is light weighted and can easily be placed inside car. After the days work, it can be recharged from 15 mins to 8 hours depending on the battery type.

MTT 136

MTT- all terrain sled

Yvon is currently looking for manufacturing partners. It is useful not only for an average person but for construction companies and military. We hope that this product sees light to the commercial market soon.

Our Product Review:

Pros: Multiple applications, simple machinery, easy to handle, travel longer distances on battery, low maintenance cost, all-weather, all-terrain product

Cons: Longer recharge time

Rating: 4.8/5

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