This Electric Bike Can Go Upto 200 KM In One Charge

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Usually electric vehicles are frowned upon by motor enthusiasts because of two things, they don’t charge up quickly and they don’t go fast. That’s rapidly changing of course because electric vehicles are getting speed boosts and energy efficient day by day and producing some great results, a rather strange one of which happens to be the Johammer motorcycle.


At a glance it looks like some one saw the animated movie Turbo and decided to make a snail shaped motorbike via inspiration. The bike really does look as if  a silver snail is waiting for you to jump on its back, take it by the protruding eyes and ride it in to the distance.


The bike uses a hub-center steering and suspension setup at the front end. These units do a very good job of separating braking from suspension forces and controlling dive under brakes. Also, the protruding eyeballs are actually side view mirrors that not only look fantastic but also display the speedometer and the charge indicator. Replacing those things after an accident will be quite expensive.


The battery is also fantastic, at 12.7 kWh it gives the bike the ability to travel an impressive 200 kilometres before needing a charge. The battery is also given a guarantee of lasting up to four years or a total of 200,000 kilometres before completely burning out, if the battery is regularly drained and charged of course.


The price is pretty steep. This powerhouse of a machine costs more than $34,000 for the full blooded complete 12.7 kWh  version and more than $31,000 for the 8.3 kWh version.

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