This Genetically Modified Banana Could Save Millions Of Lives

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According to the World Health report about 650,000-700,000 children die every year from lack of vitamin A in their diets. Even if death is avoided some 300,000 still lose their eye sight. These alarming statistics are more prevalent in under developed countries. In the past, scientists have used artificial techniques for food to fulfill the vitamin A requirements.

Genetically modified bananas

One such technique includes the genetically engineered bananas. You might be wondering how this will help? Banana is the best source for beta-carotene which our body uses to generate Vitamin A. However, the highest quantity of beat-carotene is found in non-edible bananas.

genetically modified bananas for vitamin A

Scientists at Queensland University of Technology have used non-edible bananas as the source to create the super banana. The genes which are responsible for control of beta carotene synthesis were isolated and inserted into these bananas. Increasing the gene expression will allow such bananas to be manufactured that can produce tons of vitamins A.

The genetically modified bananas are all set for human testing at a cost of $10 million backed by Gates Foundation. Human testing can undergo certain problems only in case of poor testing and wrongly calculated risk factors.

If the testing goes as planned, then this modified fruit will be grown in Africa by 2020. It is far better to grow locally then to import from abroad.

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