This Handheld Jet Engine Takes Sports To Extreme Level

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For all you snowboarders, skateboarders, gliders and extreme sportsmen out there, there is some awesome news. A company called DreamScience has unveiled an electrical handheld jet engine that will knock your socks off. The engine is called the Thruster and it will propel you at high speed to where ever you want to go, so there’s no need to climb that mountain or take that chairlift simply to get massive air or speed. You can do it on the ground and look like a pimped out robot doing it.

handheld jet engine

DreamScience’s Thruster is a jet engine that you can strap to your stomach that powers four eight KW engines at about 30,000 RPM without burning your skin off. The thrust is impressive, boasting 132 pounds of burst thrust or a top sustainable force of 88 pounds of thrust for 15 minutes. All this combined has been tested to propel the extreme sportsman at speeds of 50 miles per hour in a few seconds.


Videos on youtube have already come out demonstrating this extreme machine and there is no doubt, if the internet is any guide, that people will be eating it up like crazy.

The model isn’t up for mass production yet but with results like these the company can at least hope for some kind of sponsorship or investment. Right now they’re simply looking to sell this at $10,000. May I suggest they look to Kickstarter for support, they support all kinds of nutty projects every where.

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