This Human Inspired Robot Looks Actually Like A Human

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What will be more creepy, a human look alike robot or chucky? You will probably answer chucky as it might have haunted your childhood. We totally agree with you but wait till you read this.

human look alike robots

Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories have displayed two of its robots at the Tokyo Museum: the male Kodomoroid and the female robot Otonaroid. These life-sized robots are remote controlled with their skin made from silicon and artificial muscles built into them.

girl human look alike robot

The special feature of these robots was their uncanny resemblance with humans to the point you may get fooled in assuming them to be actual humans. This is made more realistic by lip-syncing with the voice, blinking eyes and heads swaying like a homosapien.

boy human look alike robot

There were still some faults like at times the lips were out of sync with the voice or did not move at all. The robots did not answer back until the question was repeated the second time.

human look alike robots posing for photographers

Hiroshi, unlike other scientists, believes that human appearance of a robot is important. In this way, you can relate more to the robot in terms of emotions and feelings.

Human look alike robot at the japanese museum

Perhaps if more attention was given to its technology than looks, the robot might just have been glitch-free. However, Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories has been developing robots for 20 years and it is only now that they have been able to approximate the human appearance.

Apart from that, check out the jaw-dropping photographs of these human robots.



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