This Ice-cream Plays Music, When You Lick It

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Ice cream is an irresistible delight and who doesn’t like a tasty ice cream treat? Ice cream could be a reward after a successful game or consolation after a bad break up or at times just a way to uplift your mood. But some food lovers and musicians got together to give a new meaning to the ice cream cone and figured out a way to use ice cream to make music. As quirky as it sounds, its real and there has already been a musical performance using just Chocolate ice cream and some high tech cones. Artists Emilie Baltz and Carla Diana call this creative and the first of its kind musical performance Lickestra, in which ice cream is the only musical instrument used.


The two artists teamed up with musical duo Buke & Gase and Big Gay Ice cream to produce music by licking Ice cream cones using 3D printed cones embedded by capacitive sensors. Here’s how it works. Cayenne Chocolate ice cream is placed in cups which are held in plastic cones lined with sensors. These sensors help detect every time the ice cream is touched. Cone sends a signal to the electronic board once it comes in contact with the tongue which forwards the signal to a computer that has already stored sounds, melodies and beats which finally plays the sound through speakers.


This performance didn’t involve aimless licking. The musical duo wrote a four-part composition for the performance. So if you lick the ice cream slowly or quickly it would produce different sounds. This tongue based expression was highly appreciated by the audience at Specials on C. This spectacular performance was applauded by the audience and Lickestra plans to go on tour with its electronic frozen treat.

A man licks conductive ice cream to make electronic sounds

A man licks conductive ice cream to make electronic sounds

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