This Intelligent Bike Helmet Reads Your Brain

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Have you ever experienced a situation where you are worried and your mind is whizzing with thoughts while your ongoing work suffers a lot? A medical term for such a situation will be “Stress”. A psychologist once suggested to tie your worries in a small pouch and to hang it on a tree before you step into your house. But what to do when you unknowingly stress out during travelling which can result in fatal accidents? As you travel, other factors add to your stress such as traffic, heat, irrational drivers etc. Maybe if you can see your stress levels you can better regulate yourself in order to relax.

Mind Rider lets you track your mental state

MIT computer geek Arlene Ducao and his team has developed a new bike helmet that lets riders display and track their mental state as they travel. This new device is known as “Mind Rider”. Mind Rider analyzes your brain activity and categorizes it into high stress and low stress information. This data is then sent to your compatible smartphone via Bluetooth. The application installed creates a map of routes based on your stress levels. You can view routes with Hot Spots (High Stress Level) and routes with Sweet Spots (Low Stress Level).

Mind Rider application creates stress map routes

Mind Rider helmet is embedded with a soft sensor which is a part of Brain Computer Interface (BCI) that uses EEG (electroencephalography) to measure signals from your brain and translate them into a color-code from green (relaxed) to red (sharply focused). This helmet can be used not only for bikers but car drivers as well.

What use will it be? The next time you travel through Hot Spots you will try to relax yourself more or you can completely avoid that route and take Sweet Spot route instead. In addition you can share this data with friends and local community to help them make better road environments for travelers.

The team has launched their campaign on KickStarter and with your help shipping can start next year. Support them and share your views with us.

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