This Intelligent Newspaper Repels Mosquitoes While You Read It

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Newspapers are not just used for reading news but in desperate times too; this black & white newspaper can be converted to anything such as a shade from scorching sun or lightening clouds, a utensil for eatables, a fan in hot summers or to crush any insect. The last part must have put a huge grin on your face. Newspapers do come in handy in a summer night to crush mosquitoes. What if newspaper did that by themselves?

repel mosquitoes from newspaper

If citronella-infused ink is used for newspaper it can repel mosquitoes. Citronella oil has long been used as an insect repellent but most likely to be found in sprays, soap, candles and lamp oil.

mosquito repellent newspaper

The idea came up from The Mawbina News which is most popular newspaper in Sri Lanka. The publisher wanted to make a difference in honor of the World Health Day as alarming statistics surfaced i.e more than 16,000 cases of Dengue fever were reported in Sri Lanka in 2013.

The Mawbina teamed up with creatives from Leo Burnett to make a mosquito repellent newspaper. They redesigned the newspaper with the special font written in citronella-infused ink. The special characters had mosquitoes drawn in between the letters.

mosquito repellent ink special font

The idea instantly went viral and more than 300,000 people bought the newspaper during the campaign. The newspaper is now focused on using Benadryl as a mosquito repellent ink.

Who knows they may even invent mosquito repellent chemicals beyond printing ink? See the promotional ad of the newspaper below.

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