This Intelligent Robot Learns From People Talking To It

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Robot acts the same way as its name sound: artificial, which will only read between the code lines hard wired to its memory. If you want to replace a human with the robot then it is simply not possible. Artificial intelligence has not yet been advanced enough to answer human queries in real time. However, researchers at Cornell University seem to have made an encouraging step towards making a human language decodable robot.


Tell Me Dave is a learning robot that will not only comprehend your natural language but also know how to perform the task which was asked to do. For example, you ask a robot “To make a cup of tea”; the robot will understand what you said and will be able to identify both the stove and utensil to use for making the tea. The remarkable capability of this robot is that it adapts itself even if you change the position of the stove and utensil.

Tell me dave robot can perform kitchen tasks


This project is a continuation of the previous research at Cornell University. This research involved identifying objects and situations using visual and non-visual data.

Let us see how researchers have even made this technology possible. Tell Me Dave is equipped with a 3D camera and is trained to associate objects with the respective tasks it can do. With the camera, the robot scans its environment, learns from it and arranges the steps to perform a certain task in its database.

tell me dave making a cup of coffee

The logic is not as refined and it is correct only about 64% of the time. This number is an achievement in itself seeing the previous technology was not even close.

If you want to have fun with this robot you can teach a simulated robot at Cornell Computer Science Website. You will in turn be doing a huge favor to the university to help them train the robot to perform maximum possible tasks.

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