This Interactive Transparent Touch Screen Works From Both Sides

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The touch screen technology has always been a one-sided affair since its inception. The innovation for most part has been carried out to improve the screen pixels in order to provide HD experience on smart devices. Recently researchers from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have taken a whole new perspective on innovation of the touch screen technology.

Transwall an interactive transparent touch screen

KAIST research team has developed Transwall, a transparent touch screen frame which can be interacted from both its sides. Transwall prototype is mounted on a T-shaped window sized frame whose touch screen is made up of standard sheets of Plexiglass. Behind each plexiglass is an IR sensor with a holographic film sandwiched between them. The holographic film allows images to be projected on the wall.

transwall a touchscreen used from both sides

How does the two side interactive touch screen works? When you touch the plexiglass, it is detected by the IR sensor sending a signal to the computer, which processes the information and projects the image using the holographic film. This is how two persons can interact with the touch screen simultaneously from each side.

transwall structure diagram

The demo video for the product shows two people interacting using simple touch gestures which erupts into rainbow of colors. Transwall can also be used to play games between two players such as inverting letters and matching to form a word.

For now the transparent touch screen technology is just being used for fun and playing games but in future it is expected to have more uses in Education, Businesses and Health.

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