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Looks like you have finally come to terms with the bizarre “Metro-style” Windows 8 layout. You have mastered how to switch from one to another application, how to bring the weird side short icons on screen and you have learned that there is no more start button in the bottom left corner unless you count the window sign indicator in the new Windows 8.1 layout.

microsoft new version windows 9

According to Microsoft, it will soon be releasing a new version, Windows 9 known as threshold. Wipe that sarcasm off your face, because we have got some good news for you.

Microsoft has decided to bring the traditional all time fan-favorite Start button back. It took Microsoft two versions to realize that their layout is not best suited for Laptops. Sure it is still an interactive interface for tablet, phone and even hybrid devices such as touch screen laptops.

Microsoft has tinkered a little bit around with the start menu. Reportedly, the traditional start menu will be on the left and floating Live Tiles on the right. This will be available by default but users can switch to metro-style if they want to. Also Windows 9 will allow floating Live Tiles for desktop too.

windows 9 threshold new version

Microsoft phone and tablet will be removed with the desktop environment in the new threshold mobile version.

The refined Windows 9 will come out  in 2015 with a preview version being released this fall. At the moment it is rumored that windows 9 will not cost a cent but it has not been confirmed yet.

It is still a question to how Microsoft will ensure a clean-slate version with significant differences and not a bunch of updates.

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Windows 9 new start menu

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