This Is How Toyota Sedan Fuel Cell Car Will Look Like

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Toyota plans to release an eco-friendly new sedan to US and Europe by summers next year. The car which runs on fuel cell will cost 7 million Japanese yen which is app. 69,000 US dollars. However, the car is expected to cost much less when it will arrive in US.

The amazing feature of a fuel cell car is zero emission as it is powered by the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen generating mere water vapors as waste.

toyota fuel cell car sedanThis car will pull hydrogen from a tank on board instead of using batteries. It does produce concerns about the safety of the car during an accident based on previous data since the tank can catch fire.  However, Toyota has tested the cars by firing small-caliber bullets at the hydrogen tank which penetrated into the tank but it did not cause fire.  Meanwhile, Hyundai put the whole car on fire to check the reliability of the hydrogen tank.

toyota fuel cell zero emission car

The car range is about 430 miles and the hydrogen tank can be re-filled in about three minutes. It is also stated by Toyota that the car will have 134 horse powers and can accelerate to 60 mph in around 10 seconds.

The fuel cell cars will be in great demand in California State since California Energy Commission has approved $46.6 million funding to building hydrogen refueling stations which will be a total of 54 stations out of the targeted 100 stations.

Hyundai has launched its first fuel car this month with Ford and Mercedes adapting the fuel cell technology in future as well.

toyota fuel cell car backside

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