This Keyboard With Mechanical Switches Is Specially Designed For Gamers

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Mechanical switches or mechanical keyboards are specifically designed for gaming. They have better response time and the keys are closer together so that all of them are well within reach and the gamer doesn’t get killed while reaching for his gun or sword in Assassin’s Creed or Counter Strike.


Razer is an American computer peripherals manufacturer that focuses on gaming devices. Its tagline is “For Gamers, By Gamers.” Indeed, its staff is made up of professional gamers as well as computer and software engineers. Its latest product, one of a cool stuff – the Razer Blackwidow, is a mechanical switch that is engineered to perfection (or as close as you can get).

Razer Blackwidow

The Razer Blackwidow is designed for the quickest response. Its actuation point is about 1.9 mm below the surface of the key while the average for mechanical switches is 2.2 mm. It’s lifespan is about 60 million keystrokes, while the average is 20 million.

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The force required per key is 45 g while the average is 50 g. These slight tweaks may seem like technical details but it is attention to detail that finally makes a product different from the rest and decidedly better. It also has a green backlit keyboard.

Mechanical Switch

Professional gamers competing in eSports and the League of Legends have showered praise on the product and Razer for their remarkable evolution through the years and delivering consistently.

Razer describes the switch as having a “clicky and tactical feel” and meeting the rigorous physical standards expected of it.

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