This Kit Literary Makes Every Thing A Musical Instrument

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Ototo is an amazing assembly of electronics, which can turn all things around you into a musical instrument.

The gadget is featured with a small synthesiser which turns every conductive material into an instrument, changing its sound based on the nature of object. The keys attached with the electronic assembly can produce sounds as you touch.Those keys help to produce music by connecting conductive materials or objects with a simple touch; turning anything you can imagine into an instrument.

Ototo Usb MIDI

You can take greater control of your performance through optional light, touch, and even breath-sensitive sensors. The gadget also connects to computers through USB if you’d like to use it as a MIDI controller.

The gadget is planned to launch in June and it will take a pledge of £45 ($74 plus $8 in shipping) to reserve Ototo at Kickstarter.

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