This New Footbridge In Denmark Is A Marvel Of Architecture

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Footbridges are usually constructed to get people across a busy highway or a river between mountain peaks and rarely do anything else. But Denmark plans to revolutionize that.

A major travel hub has been planned through the construction of a new footbridge in Koge, Denmark. This footbridge will connect otherwise detached road and rail infrastructure at Koge North Station. Here is how artistic it looks like:

Foot Bridge In Denmark

Koge North Station will be built next to the busiest highway in Denmark – Koge Bay Motoway. The North Station foot bridge will cover both the motorway and railway lines across 225m (738 ft) distance, making it the longest footbridge in Denmark.

This footbridge, in addition to helping cross the highway and railway lines, will also provide a platform to interchange transport modes and long distance regional and commuter trains. To serve the purpose, a secluded parking space of 900 vehicles is also planned. It will take around 20 minutes to reach Copenhagen Central Station.

Foot Bridge In Denmark Design

To provide a warm and welcoming environment, the footbridge has been artistically designed with wooden paneling. The bridge will have floor-to-ceiling windows and a sitting space to provide beautiful views at both ends. Opposite side of the windows will be used for solar screen to provide shade inside the bridge and to reduce heat-loss which will in turn lessen energy usage.

Foot Bridge In Denmark Windows

Foot Bridge In Denmark Sitting space

The outside of the footbridge is visually as appealing as the inside since it will be made of perforated steel giving a look of futuristic tube. It will slightly bend at a number of places to connect two offset points on either side of the motorway and railway.

This distinctive landmark for the area is expected to begin construction in 2016 and will be completed in 2018.

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