This New Hack Lets You Get iPhone Notifications on Android Smart Phones

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One of the major limitations of smart watches has been the majority working only with specific brands and models of phone and even those that can be used across multiple devices are limited to specific operating systems. A recent development to null the limitation is the creation of a hack that allows iPhone users to see notifications on android smart watches.


The hack has been created using Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS) – an iOS feature which gives Bluetooth accessories a simple and convenient way to access many kinds of notifications that are generated on iOS devices. The software developer came up with an Android application kit (APK) that has used Android’s Bluetooth software in its design. The application used wireless technology to then connect to the iPhone’s ANCS. Using this technique, jail breaking the iPhone was avoided.


This is the achievement of a software developer by the name of Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh who lives in Jerusalem and come up with a hack that lets you to receive iPhone (iOS 8) notifications on a Moto 360 that is running Android Wear who announced his creation in a recent tweet as follows:

In the video posted by him on youtube recently, he has paired up a Moto 360 smartwatch with an iPhone. When a notification appears on iPhone in the video, a similar one is received on the smart watch as well.

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