This New Rechargeable Battery Lasts For As Long As 15 Years

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Rechargeable batteries are known for not running a substantial amount of time. Laptop and other device batteries use stored energy for a few hours. While we have another side; those of digital clocks and toys that can run up to few months but with no recharge ability. Batteries that can utilize the stored energy for a longer period of time will be extremely beneficial for renewable energy.

rechargeable battery for power plants

Scientists from University of California have developed a cheap, clean, rechargeable and organic water based battery with a 15-year life span. The batteries are to be used in power plants to make the energy grid more resilient and efficient on a large scale. Though, these batteries are not for your smart phone or a laptop but this research definitely creates a way towards smaller long life batteries.

cheap organic battery with 15 years life

The batteries are manufactured from eco-friendly materials which can be a game changer for grid electrical energy storage in terms of simplicity, cost, reliability and sustainability. This technology will be helpful for companies which cannot rely on unreliable turbines or solar panels that only function when wind blows or sun shines. These new batteries have made the access of renewable energy resources possible offering better reliability.

redox flow of the organic battery

The new battery is composed of organic redox-flow design, similar to a fuel cell but has two-tanks of electro-active material dissolved in water. The reaction chambers are separated with a thin membrane and the fluids, pumped into the chambers, are non-toxic liquids as compared to other batteries.

In addition to 15- year life span, the organic batteries cost 10 times less to manufacture in opposition to the lithium ion batteries. The team at the university has filed several patents and is looking for refining the battery components for future use.

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