This Pen Uses Light Sensitive Gel For 3D Printing

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3Doodler is the pioneer in bringing 3D printing technology right into the purchaser’s hand. This pen conjured objects out of thin air using plastic at high temperatures. The technology definitely made waves, but with time it was realized that the pen’s assembly hindered the creativity.

Children’s mind are more artistic and with a tool like this unleashes many innovative opportunities. This can lead to interesting art classes with children indulged in making their favorite toys and architectural models. The problem occurs when parents get concerned with the safety of their children from the electric cord or the hot plastic.

ligh sensitive 3d pen

This is where CreoPop comes in! CreoPop has manufactured another 3D printing pen but it is better described at the company’s indiegogo campaign page, “The world’s first 3D pen with cool ink”. The key word here is cool ink – no hot components, no melting plastics, no electric cords and no unpleasant smell.

3d pen uses UV light

Creopop neither employs heat nor plastic but a gel like polymer to create 3D objects. The syringe in 113 gram pen is filled with photopolymer gel (light sensitive gel). A motor forces the gel out of the nozzle where three UV lights instantly hardens the gel using a photo-chemical reaction.

This light sensitive pen can draw for 2 hours on a 40 minutes charged battery or the pen can be used with the cord plugged-in. The gel adheres automatically to the previous hardened gel which allows you to make multiple parts of the object.

3D printed objects with cool ink

The 3D pen comes with interactive features as well. It can create objects in multiple colors ranging from black, blue, orange to cyan or red.  The light sensitive gel radiates in dark room which is useful for the Christmas decorations. The cool ink can radiate with temperature e.g. lightening up a heartwarming message on a cup when coffee or tea is poured in.

Marketing director Andreas Birnik has claimed the UV light to be safe, though he does not recommend to stare into the light. The Creopop pen will go through US safety certifications before it goes to sale.

If you want to reserve this unit for your children or yourself, it will cost you $79 but you will be doing a huge favor for the company. While you take out your credit card, don’t forget to check out the video below to see the wonders it does.

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