This Pocket Projector Is Especially Designed For Your Android Devices

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What if you are bored with the cinema and want to view a movie privately at home? If you are lucky you will have a friend with a home theater system installed at his/her home.  However, the chances may be slim. The idea of arranging a bulky projector and then connecting it with the monitor with separate speakers will definitely be a disappointment. You will end up buying tickets for the cinema.

android portable projector

Alex Yoo wanted to enjoy all his programs via internet on the big screen. To his dismay, not a single device in the market fulfilled his needs. He did not give up rather ventured out to build a new portable device for streaming visual content anywhere. He oddly named the product ODIN.

View netflex on portable pocket size projector

edit your documents on a bigger screen

stream movies while on camping via android portable projector

ODIN is a portable android projector providing the capability of the latest android version Kit Kat, Bluetooth speakers and Wi-Fi. It is a pocket size device which you can carry anywhere even while on camping or visiting grandma in hospital. You can simply use it in place of cable TV and stream online content, play games, use Google docs, stream music or surf the internet on a bigger screen.

large optical dispaly of the android projector

The stand out feature of ODIN is its optical display. The farther you put the device, the larger the screen size. You can even view the projected screen in indoor lightening up to 45” inch screen size.

With Android OS you have access to 1 million android apps via Google Play. You can wirelessly connect to the internet or the phone’s hotspot. Owing to the Bluetooth, you can connect to an array of devices such as speakers, keyboard, mouse etc. The device comes with the HDMI port, two USB ports and a headphone plug-in.

Back this project on Kickstarter and let your creativity unleash more useful ideas for the device.

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