This Quadcopter Is Controlled By Your Mind. Literary

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Mapping the DNA was the big puzzle for Neuroscientists in the 20th century. Now that they have found answers to their DNA queries; they have moved towards the most complex part of our body: The Brain.  Unraveling the mind mysteries might take a few more years. Scientists do not yet know the answer to ‘Why’ our brain works the way it works? But they do know ‘How’ it works? Based on the knowledge, engineers have devised systems for people who are physically impaired using the modern technology and the signals from brain.

Thought manveur quadcopter

EEG cap is an example of one such a system, in which user wears the cap on his head that features number of electrodes on a conductive gel. This cap is connected to a computer system. The brain signals from the user are interpreted by the computer and wirelessly sent to the device.

Brain Controlled Quardcopter

In the experiment conducted by Bin He’s research group a Quadcopter was successfully controlled by using this cap. However, the user needs to first practice (about 20 hours) with a virtual Quadcopter on a computer screen.

On the bright side of it, you can now perform telekinesis more professionally as compared to using tricks. If Harry potter had this device, he might have performed better in response to Professor Snape’s unspoken incantations. The point is the device good go both in right and wrong hands which may increase the security risks.

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