This RC Car Is The Fastest Car On Earth

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Nic Case is a racing enthusiast of a very specific kind. While he doesn’t race in Formula 1 or even Formula 3, he has caught the eye of many engineers due to his brilliant designs of remote controlled cars. These aren’t your ordinary toy jeeps or ferraris with an antenna sticking out of their rear, these are professional remote controlled speed demons that can even leave behind a $100,000 sports car.

Nic Case

Nic Case has been trying to reach a goal for a few years, the goal of designing a remote controlled car that can shatter the 200 mile per hour barrier. And it seems that he is getting closer to his goal every year. In 2008 his Schumacher Mi3-based remote controlled car reached a maximum speed of 161.76 miles per hour and he was awarded a place in the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records. He calls his car the streamliner and it is chiselled little by little every year to make it lighter and faster.

In November of 2013 he shattered his own record with a new car called the R/C Bullet. The car was measured going at a top speed of 171.97 miles per hour.


This year Nic Case came even closer to his record when he brought the all new revamped R/C Bullet to the track. This time it was lighter and faster than ever, having been “pimped out” by adding carbon fiber wheels. The car blazed around the track twice, once at a top speed of 182 miles per hour and then at a maximum speed of 188.87 miles per hour.

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