Robot Takes The Most Detailed Images Of Human

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Daniel Boschung is a Swiss Photographer with a unique eye for detail, quite literally. He has taken some of the most detailed portrait images in the history of photography. Each wrinkle, hair, pore and blemish is visible in his images which he has taken using a Canon EOS Mark ll camera with a 180 mm macro lens, which he transformed into a telecentrical lens. The camera itself is not operated by him but by a robotic arm that focuses on a specific portion of a person’s face and takes a detailed photo.


The process goes on until the entire face has been mapped and all of the images (an astonishing 600 of them) are neatly linked together to form a huge photo that contains 900 mega-pixels.



This detailed mapping of faces has led Boschung to name his project the face cartography macro photography series. The entire process takes a tedious half an hour per portrait in which the subject has to stay motionless or risk a restart.

old man

old woman

eye 2

The images not only look vivid but beautiful as well as they offer a window in to a world where ordinary seems extraordinary, like the human eye. At this level of detail, one sees the masterpiece of beauty it truly is.


The eyebrows also look more like tree bark rather than keratin as they truly are.

Boschung has been reportedly delving in to the world of macro photography for quite some time taking photographs of insects as well.


All of his work is available at his website,

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