This Rocket Car Hit 1000mph And Is Coming For Sale Soon

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Do you think you have driven the world’s fastest car? If your answer is yes then we don’t believe you. What if we tell you there is a soon-to-be-released €10 million rocket-powered car? Yes, the British built Bloodhound supersonic car.

1000mph car fastest made yet

Richard Noble, Andy Green and their team announced a project of World Land Speed Record in 2008. This project provided a vision of a car that will break all speed barriers. The motivation was to inspire the future generation of engineers and scientists.

How fast will be this car? This super sonic car can achieve 1000mph in a few seconds.  Let’s just say a car that can cross four and a half football pitches in one second, 150 meters in a blink of eye, faster than a bullet from Magnum 357 and it can cover a distance of its own length in less than three hundredth of a second. Astounded! Are you?

bloodhound 1000mph supersonic car

The 12ft long pencil-shaped car weighs about 200 kg and is a combination of a jet, rocket and a racing car engine. The cockpit is built from five different types of carbon fiber. The front section is designed to endure the aerodynamic and other forces generated by the wheels and suspension. The roof top creates shockwaves which will direct air into the jet engine.

This blood hound will create a sound of about 180 decibels.  The driver will have to wear an in-ear communication system to protect his hearing and communicate with the mission control.

Technical specs for blood hound SSC 1000mph

The car will go for its first test drive next year. The only thing left to see is how the driver will handle this car?

Andy Green explains the design of the car in detail in the video below. A few seconds scene in the video shows an animated scene of the car zooming past in a desert in a blink of eye. So what do you think? Share your comments below.

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