This Small Device Makes Your Smartphone A Lung Monitor

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Advanced technology has made doctors available in each home in the form of smart devices and smart applications. A large array of applications are available to monitor your heart rate, check your eye sight or simply connect you to a network of doctors to discuss your own particular health problem. This list has just been upgraded to include a lung monitor developed by South Jersey Engineering and Research (SERJ).

Lung monitor device

Sandpiper – the lung monitor is portable, ultra low-cost and smartphone enabled device. Sandpiper can be plugged into the headphone jack on either an Android or iOS smart phone. After plugging in the device, it monitors the airflow through the lungs. The user has to blow into one end of the unit. The sensors produce electricity proportional to the velocity of the air and measure the volume of air moving through the tube. The information attained is send to the smart application which gauges different parameters to give the final report on your lung health status.

sandpiper six steps of the device

The parameters included are amount of air lungs can hold, air exhaled in one second, how fast your lungs can breathe in or out, how limited is the air flow etc. The application then provides the measured quantities on your smart screen. If any anomaly occurs then you can see a doctor or train your lungs by simply practicing slow deep breathing.

In general, a lung report like this will cost you thousands of dollars as the lung monitoring equipment in hospitals itself is very expensive.

SERJ has pitched their project on Indiegogo to raise funds for production. If you consider this device useful and get your own lung monitor, then pledge US $55. The shipping is set for December 2014. You can hear from the team in the video below.

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