This Smart Camera Comes With Built In Facial Recognition

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Withings Home is a smart surveillance camera with upgraded intelligence having environmental sensors and built in facial recognition software. This HD camera sends images to your smartphone, can recognize between friend and foe both by face and by audio, lastly it can alert about harmful chemicals and gases in your home.

The camera has a cylindrical shape resembling a candle holder with the lens embedded right in the middle. It is given a wooden makeover with the title Withings at the bottom which shines up in ultraviolet green color at night.

Withings Home Camera With Facial Recognition Tech 1

The company has taken the video monitoring to a next level with the help of advanced filtering. The camera can recognize if it’s your children entering home or some unknown person. Each time the camera detects such an activity, it will take a photograph and a 5 second video. The captured images will be stored in the form of home diary for 2 days. You can scroll through the diary to check up what’s been happening at your home.

The device is equipped with air-quality sensors which pick up Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) such as harmful gases released by cleaning products and building material. It not only alerts you about the released gases but also indicates the culprit e.g. a cleaning product left in baby’s room.

Withings Home Camera With Facial Recognition Tech 2

Withings Home will be more appealing to parents who want to provide a healthy environment to their kids or want to check up on them.

The Home is compatible with iOS devices including all versions of iPhone 4s, iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch with iOS version 7 or above. It can shoot an HD video with 5 MP camera at an ultra-wide 135 degree viewing angle. The camera has a two-way audio with two digital microphones giving a crystal clear voice.

The HD camera has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity option; only taking 30 seconds to set up the camera with your iOS device. Withings Home will cost $219. You can check out their website here.

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