This Smart Laser Tag Gun Comes With Built-In LCD

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Laser tag sucks when played in your own back yard. You have to rely on your own imagination while playing it and since television and video games have already managed to suck it out of your brains completely, a little more visual aid is required to let the fun begin.


Skirmos is an open source operating system for laser tag that turns it in to a more realistic yet more virtual game. The laser tag guns are equipped with an LCD screen that allows you to see your opponents in red and friends in green just like a video game. Skirmos relays information from gun to gun and provides an assassins creed type environment for you to play on. Even stealth mode can be activated and the LCD turned off so that you can camp and sneak up on your enemies when they least expect it.

Skirmos’ charm is in its customize-ability. It can be used to create one’s own maps and games through a drag and drop interface. You can even share your custom made maps online with a community of gamers and download games from other users. This has upped the level on laser tag and made it much more interesting than what it was before, a dull way to pass the time.

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By combining the virtual and the real gaming world, a somewhat satisfactory blend has been achieved. Laser tag was already partly virtual so making it more interesting this way is almost an obvious step. Just look at how far conventional sports like cricket and baseball and football (NOT SOCCER!) have come by using technological tools for analysis.

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