This Smartphone Projects 42 Inch Screen Onto A Wall

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Most households these days don’t own projectors anymore. The family sitting down to watch a movie in the garden on a big screen, that ritual is either dead or in its final stages. Since everything is mobile and significantly smaller now, everyone clutches their cell phones, tablets and laptops and watches individually. Watching television is now becoming obsolete as we go along. I honestly can’t remember the last time I sat down to watch TV. The projector, however, has been integrated in to the smart phone. Things called pico-projectors exist that do the job of a mini projector. They haven’t become the norm yet though because they usually give out poor video quality and small displays.

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Hong Kong’s Conplex International is rolling out a smartphone called MagicOn Ayane. The phone has a pico-projector that projects a high quality display on to a wall. This, according to the Conplex International, is mainly to attract customers to the prospect of having their whole presentations in their pockets ready to be beamed on to a wall or a screen without the hassle of hooking up their phones to the computer.

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The novelty of this product though is not its 1000:1 aspect ratio, the 480×640  resolution or the 35 lumens display, its the fact that the display will be 42 inches. Such large a display has never been installed in a smartphone projector before and is a large selling point especially for the business men of today. The phone starts at $499 with 1 GB of RAM, a 5 mega-pixel camera and Android Jelly Bean.

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