This Smartwatch Projects Notifications Onto Your Hand

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The movie “In Time” showed a digital clock shedding every passing moment from life to death. That digital clock maintained the life count down and displayed it on a person’s wrists. Well, the movie was filmed in future – a century away from us. But these guys are apparently nearer to make it a reality.

Ritot has pulled off a similar “In time” digital smart watch, which instantly became popular on the crowd funding website indiegogo. The campaign surpassed its $50,000 goal, raising almost $379,000 for this watch.

Don’t worry; this product will not pronounce your death but it will project your social life on your hand.

Ritot facebook notification on hand

Ritot – designed as an aluminum bracelet and a sport band – uses light from a pico-projector to show personalized content on your hand such as time and social media notifications. It is available in four sizes and multiple colors. This pico projector is only 7mm thick, enough to fit in a wearable gadget. The projector is claimed to be non-hazardous for skin and health.

The projector is placed at an angle above the watch that can distort the numbers for sure. The digital clock however cannot be expected to display as clear numbers as in the Photoshop mock-ups.

Ritot wrist bands aluminium sports band

As per the design specifications, the notifications are just one push away after the device gets synced with your smartphone. And as the notification appears, you just need to shake your hands to let it disappear. The push notifications will include incoming caller ID, text messages, reminders, emails, calendar alerts, facebook messages, Twitter, weather alerts, silencing vibrating alarm and alerts from any other application.

Ritot incoming call notification

However, there do seem certain red flags about the product’s reliability. The first one is the fact that the company has been working on the prototype for six months but yet does not have a demo to show. The second concern is the unknown whereabouts of the company’s founder, who just seem to pop-up on the face of earth when the project was first posted. The third reason is the flex funding which means that even if they have few hundred dollars, they will pull-off such an advance wearable technology.

We sincerely hope that this smart watch will soon be released despite the valid concerns. Meanwhile, enjoy the not-demo video of the project below.

YouTube Preview Image

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