This Software Predicts Your Appearance As You Age

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If you’re the owner of an android or apple or windows phone you might have come across an app that claims to show you how you will look when you’ve reached the age of 80. This app is usually just to freak out your friends or simply have some harmless fun but the University of Washington has taken this seriously.


A research team from the University of Washington, led by  Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman, a UW assistant professor of computer science and engineering, has developed a high accuracy software that predicts your appearance as you age up till the age of 80 (which at present is the average age of a human being). This software takes baby photos and color corrects them, fixes the lighting, accounts for expression and whether the photo is tilted or not and then begins to implement its algorithm pixel by pixel. The result is that some of the people who volunteered for the program could not tell the difference between their real photos and the photos generated by the software.


This is a major stride in software. Manipulating existing data like the position of different galaxies after centuries or the rendering the explosion of a star has been rigorously tried and the results are always far from satisfactory due to lack of sufficient data. In this case, the accuracy has set a high benchmark.

This technology could be used in missing persons cases by the police and help track long lost cousins or daughters that were lost during a circus trip or worse, in a shopping mall.


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