This Sports Garment Gives You The Ultimate Experience Of Health Tracking

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We live in the age of time, where health monitoring is in your finger tips. Smart bracelets and Eye-wears have been coming into the market for the purpose. But the problem with those devices is that you have to wear it, whether you need it or not, it has to be attached to your body all the time to monitor your basic health. But this sports garments is designed in such away that it not only monitors your health but also fulfills your need.

Hexoskin is a smart skin tight, comfortable sports garment that features almost undetectable sensors, capable of giving you the real time health information on your smartphone. Its smartphone app has the feature to store and compare your health history.

As the website features: “Its all-textile sensors and lack of obtrusive, injury-risking hardware, make it the most practical and comfortable system of its kind” Hexoskin measures:

  • Heart rate (HR), RR Intervals, Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Breathing rate
  • Breathing volume
  • Step count and cadence
  • Activity intensity and calories burned, calculated from 3-axis acceleration metrics
  • Heart rate recovery (HR2)
  • Estimated VO2 max.

In addition, this wearable technology is machine washable, water resistant, smooth seamed garment, with a 157 non-stop recording feature, whether it is connected with the app or not. You can get your Hexoskin for $400 bucks.

Gym health monitoring Hexoskin workiing

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