This Students Designed Car Can Travel 2,824 Miles Per Gallon

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Shell Eco Marathon Americas is a contest held each year that pits different competitors against each other to design extremely fuel efficient cars through innovations in engineering and improving upon the energy losses occurring in the car’s engine like friction. The contest has been won many times by team from the Universite Laval, Quebec and it seems that this time they’ve outdone themselves and taken home the gold again.

Shell Eco Marathon

The car designed by the Universete Lavale, Quebec is a teardrop shaped vehicle interspersed with Shell Logos. The vehicle is capable of producing an incredible gas mileage of up to 2824 miles per gallon. In terms a layman can understand, the car will cover the distance from Houston to Detroit or New York to Los Angeles in under a half a gallon of fuel.


100 other teams from America had all brought their creations to the podium to be judged but only a handful stood out to be proclaimed the winners of the event and only one won the race.

The team from Lavale had some tough competition from the team of University of Toronto due to some astonishing problems that arose in their car; such as friction but in the end they overcame these problems to win the competition and took home the $2000 prize that they so well deserved.


Energy efficient cars are just one of the pieces of puzzle that is solution to climate change. Using less fuel to produce more energy will not only reduce carbon emissions but will help in saving more petroleum and gasoline for future generations if they need it.

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