This Tank Can Disappear In Battlefield

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The tank is what comes to mind when we think of modern warfare. A mammoth of metal raising entire cities to the ground and blasting away at objects on the ground and in the sky. Though it’s been undermined by the rise in drone technology and stealth jets, the remarkable tank is about to get a make over that makes it more relevant today than ever.

hexagonal plates

Infrared systems are used to detect incoming artillery as well as regiments of soldiers but there is a way to escape their sight, the way Arnold Schwarzenegger did in ‘Predator’, by blending in to the environment through heat. A Polish firm has announced the concept of a tank that is as stealthy as it is powerful.


This tank is armed with a 120mm main gun, two secondary turrets, a coaxial 7.62 machine gun and a remote-controlled weapons station on its roof, this tank is capable of striking targets anywhere on the battlefield.

now you

Now you see it, Now you don’t

The real novelty of the tank however is its ability to disappear. The tank is covered with a series of hexagonal plates that are its camouflage system. The way they work is that they recognize the heat signature of the surrounding environment and change the tank’s signature to match it. This way infrared targeting sensors and detectors are blind to the tank. The same goes for heat seeking missiles, they won’t know where to hit the target, because there will be no target. And before you know it, BOOM!

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