This Wearable Band Creates Invisible Keyboard For You Anywhere

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The computers evolved from desktops to laptops to tablets to phablets but keyboard has been an essential accessory that remained unchanged. Keyboards either came as physical device or touch screen interface but they stayed there no matter how devices changed shape. The touch screen keyboards for tablets take up a lot of space on an already limited screen display. One alternative is to use Bluetooth keyboards but then you need to carry it around with you, every time.

We are not going for a tongue twister here but meet the Keyboardless keyboard. This is an actual device being developed by AirType, a hardware and machine learning start-up from Texas.

wearable band for your keyboard

The company wants to ease the keyboard experience on the mobile devices. The concept is to develop a keyboard which fits in the palm of your hand and lets you type on any surface. It almost makes the experience magical. You will type the same way as you normally do but on an invisible keyboard. The magic lies in the wearable device on your palm.

Airtype device is a wearable band that registers your hand movements as alphanumeric letters and adapts to your typing style. The company claims that it learns from you and you do not need to learn the device.

airtype invisible keyboards

Airtype simply clips on your tablet and is the first real portable keyboard. Airtype comes with an intelligent app capable of dynamic text prediction and auto correction. The text prediction technology available in mobile devices nowadays isn’t reliable enough but still you can correct it yourself. We are unable to imagine if it is possible with an invisible keyboard too. The app will either employ powerful intelligence or will be a disaster.

airtype wearable keyboard clips on your tablet

The device usage will be difficult for people who are either not fluent with typing or forgetful enough to remember the letter placements on keyboard.

Let us keep our fingers crossed till the device is released in a couple of months.

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