Time Capsule To Reach Mars Soon

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Time Capsule to Mars (TC2M) is a student led project which will send tens of millions of digital memories from every country on earth to Mars. What’s the big idea behind it?  TC2M is the largest crowd funded project of NASA’s Explore Mars program. This program is focused on building human colonies on MARS in the next two decades.

time capsule to mars led by students

Well, it is reported that human beings will officially become Martians in Year 2030. It is obvious that the new planet will be lonely for the newly become Martians. Why not do something to make them feel at home once they arrive at the new destination?

It was therefore decided to collect more than 10 million voice messages, photos, text messages and video clips.  All this will be carried in three small Cubesets which will be launched to MARS via an ion electrospray propulsion system. This kind of propulsion system can reduce the travel time to 4 months. It will cost around 25 million dollars and will be launched in 2017.

students press conference for time capsule to mars

Students who are part of this project hope to develop new technologies for this mission. This is partly the reason for the delay in launch. A lot of these new technologies have not yet been tested. According to the director of the Space Propulsion Laboratory at MIT, the actual propulsion, the communication and the health of the space craft are the biggest issues at the time.

If you like the efforts of these students to help our people feel at home on MARS, then support their project with your donations on this website. Or maybe you want to be at MARS too through your photographs and videos. You can also upload them on the website.

Don’t forget to check out the video below.

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