Tiny Device Aims To Alert If Your Drink Contains Alcohol

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According to a Canadian Center for Justice Report, most reported harassment cases involve drink spiking, that is to say, to add drugs or alcohol to someone’s drink without their knowledge. Sadly, drugging drinks is a common means of conducting a crime, a reason which makes you worry even more about your personal safety.

J. David Wilson understands these safety concerns and that is why he has created Personal drink id (pd.id) – a tiny battery operated device dipped into any drink to indicate if the drink is drugged or not. When empowered with such a device, you will feel more secured to do your routine work in an unsafe world.

personal drink identifier

Pd.id is a reusable device which can identify exact drug when it senses your drink to be tampered with. It is easy to use, portable, and small enough to fit in your pocket. The tiny device can function both alone or with a smart phone.

You simply need to immerse the device in the liquid and within a few seconds the LED indicator blinks if your drink is indeed drugged. It can also notify you on smart phone with a simple text message or a call.

drink identifier senses drug

The base technology for this drug identifier is same as used by Drug Enforcement Agencies (D.E.A.) for years in USA. However, pd.id has been re-engineered to make it more user friendly and affordable.

When the device collects a small sample of the fluid, it performs three different tests. Now fluids are composed of a spectrum of molecular components and the tests carried out are based on light, current and temperature. No further details of the experiments are given by the manufacturers.

If you want to keep yourself or the people around you safe, then back up the project on indiegogo. If the goal is reached, pd.id will go on sale within six months. Meanwhile, check out the informative video about pd.id below.

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